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Like all great artisans, Michael’s works are shaped by hand, but viewed firstly in his heart and head. He sees and feels images before capturing them at what can only be, on reflection, the perfect moment. Many people tell him he has a gift, but Michael will tell you that his passion for photography was instilled at a very early age, in fact, the first portrait he shot and developed was of his great grandmother, whose ability to create ‘moments of pure joy’ for those she loved, helped him understand the importance of giving, and shaped his concept of love itself. This was his first and most influential classroom, though he subsequently spent ten years being trained and mentored by some of the most respected photographers in Australia, before boldly setting forth on his own creative adventure. An artist whose brush is his lens and whose canvas is life; Michael loves all kinds of photography, particularly weddings, artistic advertising work, portraiture and travel. He is adept in each of these fields and always brings his infectious enthusiasm and seamless professionalism to every job. His natural ability to put people at ease has helped him become one of Sydney’s most sought after photographers, with a body of work to impress the most demanding of clients.

Photography is my passion and creative expression. Everyone’s ultimate dream is to make a living doing what they love. I am truly blessed and grateful, to be living my dream.

Michael loves shooting on location and his favourite setting is natural and low light environments.

Light for me is synonymous with mood. When mood is captured through the use of light, it resonates instant nostalgia. This is the hallmark of my work and something I share with Australian photographer Max Dupain.

He’s an empathetic and supportive boss who leads by example and creates a sense of fun and professionalism in equal measure amongst his team. He is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and has more than 20 years photographic experience.

Every moment is precious, but some of them deserve to be captured.


As organized as she is lovely, Karen is the glue that holds this place together and ensures that we are always on top of our game. It would unfair to call her a ‘mother hen’ (because she doesn’t in any way resemble a chicken) but she does take tremendous care of every client, always ensuring that their expectations are clearly established, and met! Karen’s approach to this business is simple;

I want to help every client identify what it is they want, and then, ensure that we deliver. From the initial consultation all the way through to the final shots, I take great pride in managing the process and timeline, and I love working with the enormously talented photographers here.


What can we say about Maegan Miller…Well she’s awesome for a start. Originally from Fiji she brings some chilled island flair to the studio.  She’s been at MM PHOTOS for a few years now and she has grown to become one of our jack of all trades.  Maegan is our Production superstar as well as a baby whisperer, photographing those gorgeous little newborns. Photography has always been a passion of hers since she was little and came over to Sydney to pursue her dreams of working in the photography industry. Maegan is also a fancy-professional paddler and is often spending her early morning out with her team on the harbour, even on those chilly winter mornings you’ll find her out there.  It might be cold out on the water but Maegan is as warm and friendly as they come!


Mark has spent the last 10 years working as a photographer in both London and Sydney.  Mark started his career shooting fashion and beauty. In the last few years he has specialised in weddings, portraiture (including many celebrities such as Selena Gomez, One Direction….), TV show promotions and celebrity magazines. Mark has a wealth of wedding experience and is happy to share his thoughts and suggestions with you, or, allow you to call the shots, literally, and ensure you get the memories you want on your special day!

I believe your wedding photos are the start of your story together, an heirloom to be treasured and shared.


As a mum of three little people, Tammy is uber-organised and forever carrying a Mary Poppins bag in tow. She’s ready for every eventuality! She’s warm and understanding and loves the dynamics of families, which sit at the heart of the MM PHOTOS business. Called ‘Sentimental Tammy’ by friends growing up, working with Sydney’s best family portrait studio is a perfect match. With a suits-and-high-heels corporate background (the kind you find in tall buildings in the City), Tammy’s eye for all-things business is real. Working with MM PHOTOS marries her skills with the things she loves – creating meaningful family moments and growing business. Tammy’s goal to is align with businesses who share the MM PHOTOS’ vision for excellence and quality, and through this, to grow MM PHOTOS to new heights whilst maintaining the solid foundations and relationships that have brought the team to where we are today. And with a flair for languages and writing, she’s our resident wordsmith, ensuring that (for example) you’re saying your and not you’re! ( Coz, let’s face it. It’s the difference between knowing your $&@! and knowing you’re $&@!!)


Photography has been a part of Simon’s journey as a photographer for more than a decade. After his studies in design, marketing and business, his passion for photography grew even more, and since then he has been living for those fragments of life captured in their most inspiring moment. Simon loves working with people in a dynamic and inspirational environment, so he specialised in wedding photography and portraits.

 Before deciding to start a career in wedding photography, he developed a specific and recognisable creative taste during his self-exploring travels through a variety of urban and rural areas of the world, as well as through his extreme sports background, a passion which caught on during his service in the military, with skydiving and base jumping – thrilling moments that left a dynamic and vivid impact on his photos.


Great personality, great Moustache!  One of our very talented wedding photographers who has an awesome eye for detail and composition.  He’s like a ninja with a camera this guy, you can’t always see where he is but he’s taking those cool unexpected creative shots you’ll love.  Andrew started his photography journey after working in the film industry and studying screen and media.  This is when his true passion for wedding photography and capturing raw emotion blossomed. If you are lucky enough to have Andrew photographing your wedding you’ll have a blast, he’s lots of fun and is always making sure everyone is having a good time.  When Andrew isn’t photographing he’s keeping it fresh on the music scene, he’s a sucker for good music and live gigs.  We are lucky to have him on the team!


Charlie Brown has been with the business since he was just a wee pup. He’s never been the most productive team member but he’s always good for a cuddle. His work/life balance is unmatched, making sure to get much needed down time and taking naps throughout the day, setting a great example to the team. He’s also a part time care dog where he visits patiences at the hospital and brightens their day with his friendliness. When he’s not hard at work, he enjoys long walks on the beach, eating lots of treats, and mucking around with his friends out on the field.