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We believe babies are a precious gift. Capturing the wonderment on their faces, the joy, the surprise, the thoughtfulness and even the frustration and anger serves to showcase the beginnings of their personalities.

Babies change as they get older. None of us look exactly the same in our mid 20s, as we did when we were a new born. To capture the earliest essence of a human being in such a delicate state, is truly gratifying to us. To provide parents with the most important photographic keepsake they’re ever likely to own, cannot be overstated.

Baby photography is an art form in its own right and special care must be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby during the shoot. We understand this more than most, given our experience, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety, or, receiving shots full of tears and furrowed brows!


Most people’s memories fade with the passage of time, but photographs are forever. That’s why it’s so important to capture that amazing ‘newborn’ look when you have a baby, as these images chronicle his/her earliest features which we all know will change as they get older – Michael Martin.

STUDIO or LOCATION SHOOT: Call the studio to obtain a Price Guide

Family Portrait Fee: $250.00

Booking Fee: $50.00 (fully refundable)*

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They’re members of the family, so why wouldn’t you want some beautiful pics to remind you of your loyal and faithful friend?

We love capturing the essence of clients’ dogs because like people, they’re so individual. Having beautiful images of your dog ensures that the bond you share is never broken.

Indoor, outdoor, active, passive; we’ll work with your canine compadre to ensure he/she is captured authentically, beautifully and in a way that will forever make you smile…just as they do!

STUDIO or LOCATION SHOOT: Call the studio to obtain a Price Guide


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